Visiting Life Project Cambodia

You can visit our organization and meet our local team in Siem Reap, and we always look forward to discussing our work with those who are interested and answer your questions. Site visits are conducted by our local Khmer team and always co-ordinated in a way in which they have the least impact on our student’s daily life. Visitors can expect a short 30 minute visit, consisting of an outline of our work and a Q&A with our team. Please note that meetings or contact with our students is not permitted. All vistors must present a valid photo ID to be copied (passport for foreign visitors and National ID card for Khmer visitors) and read, sign and adhere to our child protection code of conduct. Site vists are by appointment only and are approved at the disrcretion of management.

To request a site visit, please contact us.

We do not offer volunteer placements in Cambodia. Please read our Volunteer Policy for more information.