Reports and Policies

Annual Financial Reports

Please find our annual reports below. For more information regarding our reporting, please contact us.

LPC (Australia) Financial Report 2015/16

LPC (Cambodia) Financial Report 2016

Child Protection Policy

Our Child Protection Policy demonstrates our commitment to protect children and youth from harm and abuse. All children and youth have a right to be safe at all times and we have an obligation to provide safe and friendly environments and programs.

Our policy is not currently available for download from our webiste. For a copy of our policy, please contact us.

Volunteer Policy

For a number of reasons, Life Project Cambodia does not offer volunteer placements working with our students or in any other area of our organization in Cambodia. While we understand that most volunteers mean well and genuinely want to help – when it comes to the education and welfare of children and youth,  we believe that “voluntourism” simply isn’t the answer. Whilst volunteering with children and youth in a developing country may represent an interesting and memorable experience for the volunteer, ask yourself what long-term good it does for the children. Children need permanent caregivers and experienced, professional teachers with whom they can develop stable and long-term reciprocal relationships. Such attachments form the foundation for other relationships and are paramount to the development of their self-confidence. Volunteers who are only passing through, who are from a different culture and speak a different language cannot function as stable attachment figures. We also believe that there are many passionate and experienced local Khmer people, capable of running our organization and offering the skills and services we need – and in 2017, Life Project Cambodia Organization (Cambodia) is proudly a 100% Khmer team.

Life Project Cambodia follows and promotes the guidelines and practices of ChildSafe, a movement actively protecting children and youth. There are of course ways in which long-term volunteering can be done correctly, and many other organizations offer such placements. For more information on how to be a ChildSafe volunteer and traveller, please visit the ChildSafe website at