Our Environment

Life Project Cambodia is committed to minimising our impact on the environment wherever possible. Our students are future leaders, so we actively engage and promote environmental policies and activities that help keep Cambodia clean and green; empowering them to teach others within the community.

Biodegradable Bags

We use Cleanbodia biodegradable bags which are made with cassava, a root vegetable grown throughout Southeast Asia. The cassava reduces plastic usage and allows the bags to biodegrade in under five years, instead of 500 – 1000 years! When we go to the market, we always use re-usable cotton carry bags when possible. For anything else, including trash bags, we only use biodegradable bags. When it comes to plastic bags, we say no.

Clean Up the World

Our team and students regularly take part in local “clean up” days around Siem Reap city. The clean up initiatives began several years ago when business owners were inspired by other global “Clean Up the World” activities. Now, thanks to many businesses, schools and organizations, many of these “clean up” days take place throughout the years.

Refill Not Landfill

Leaders in Siem Reap’s hospitality and tourism industry have come together to reduce single-use plastic water bottles with reusable aluminium bottles. Providing these bottles to tourists, “Refill Not Landfill” have partnered with venues across the city where the water bottles can be refilled for free. The ultimate goal of Refill Not Landfill is to substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in the Kingdom. Our friends at The Little Red Fox Espresso donated more than 100 reusable aluminium water bottles to our students, their families and our team – and we’re proud to be part of the Refill Not Landfill movement.

Ten Thousand Trees

The mission of Ten Thousand Trees is to grow and donate 10,000 trees every year,  to families and public spaces in Chi Kreng district and other areas of Siem Reap province and city. Ten Thousand Trees is a collaboration with several local businesses and organizations and you can learn more about about this fantastic project here.