Family Assistance

A stable, supportive family gives children and youth the security they need to succeed in education, personal development, and beyond. We believe that keeping families together, connected, and functioning is a vital part of what we do.

When we first began our work, we provided temporary monthly family assistance to our student’s families which included staple food items such as rice, cooking oil and hygiene items. Now, thanks to the Bonhomie bracelet-making program, our student’s families are able to generate enough income so they no longer rely on aid. We do not believe in long-term aid, as it creates a dependency on assistance – we believe in providing a hand-up, not a hand-out. Bonhomie is the first social enterprise created to support Life Project Cambodia and the bracelets are sold in Cambodia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Creating financial independence and stability within our student’s families, through economic and community development, is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty. Other income initiatives have included chickens and chicken coops for sustainable family food production and income.

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