Education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic – it’s one of the most important investments we can make in our children and it’s critical to reducing poverty and inequality. Almost half of all Cambodian children do not have the opportunity to attend Secondary School, and even less have the chance to continue to High School and University.

Our students range from primary school to high school, to college and university. Life Project Camboda provides access to high-quality education, tutoring and extra-curricular activities – we believe that education extends well beyond the classroom. Our students have the opportunity to express themselves through activities including art and dance, and also play sports including boxing and football (soccer). “Giving back” is also part of our program, and our students regularly give back to to community through various volunteer opportunities, including Touch-A-Life Food Program and Ten Thousand Trees.

Our students are from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds including former “street kids” who worked instead of attending school and children and youth from impoverished rural villages. However diverse their backgrounds, they all shared one thing in common – none of them had the chance to either begin, or stay in school. Without an education, these children and young adults would have continued in the same cycle of poverty.

Success in education

Seeing our students and their families thrive and shine is our success. With more than 20 students on our education program, we have many stories… We’ve helped a malnourished child living in a pagoda with monks and not attending to school, rise to become an A-grade student in private education and travel the country playing for a top football academy. We’ve worked with youth who didn’t have a positive outlook on life and no employment opportunities, graduate from private education and study Nursing at university – with dreams of becoming community nurses for the poor, and children’s doctors. We’ve helped illiterate “street kids”, who’d never gone to school, get off the streets and into private education to become bright students and role models for their peers. Our success, is our student’s success – and their success is the future of Cambodia.