Corporate Support

Corporate support and sponsorship of organizations such as Life Project Cambodia is often referred to as “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”.  You can support Life Project Cambodia by aligning your business with us, as a corporate sponsor or partner. There are many ways in which we can work together – allowing your company or small business to make a significant, positive impact on how we’re able to deliver our programs.

Ways in which small businesses and companies currently help us include:

– Regular donations that directly assist our ability to continue our work

– The donation of products or services, such as accounting, auditing, or venues for events

– The donation of products or services as prizes for fundraising events

– Fundraising activites at their business, with staff and customers, to raise funds for LPC

– Displaying a donation box for LPC, collecting donations from their customers

Please contact us to find out more information about how we can work together!

We are incredibly grateful and thankful to all of the people and organizations that assist LPC, however we would like to mention a few major supporting partners…

Thank you to our major sponsors and partners:

Also, a special thanks to: